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GaffGun™ DryChannel™ Tape

GaffGun™ DryChannel tape is sticky where it matters. Because it boasts
a center channel of deadened adhesive, DryChannel tape leaves behind little-to-no residue on cables after a job is done. 

GaffGun™ DryChannel tape works together with your GaffGun™, making the dream of clean cables possible. The GaffGun™ gathers and centers your cables (or rope) directly under the DryChannel™ tape's adhesive-free zone, while simultaneously tacking the tape's standard-adhesive edges to the floor. That means tape sticks to the floor; not the cables

The GaffGun™ makes the task of applying tape so much easier, and now DryChannel™ reduces the work and mess of removing it.

Just one more reason to love the GaffGun™.

GaffGun™ DryChannel™ Tape from GaffGun on Vimeo.