The GaffGun is a patent-pending floor tape dispenser developed by the US-based company GaffTech, and invented by a few people who hated the tedious job of applying gaff tape so much they designed a device that eliminates the need to do it by hand.

The GaffGun uses interchangeable patent-pending CableGuides to gather cables or wires and straighten them underneath the tape, with different sizes of guides available for different numbers and sizes of cables. The GaffGun’s optional FloorGuide attachment (patent pending) makes it possible to apply many types of floor tape.

No more bending, kneeling, ripping or tripping over loose cords. We no longer dread the process of applying floor tape–and we’re confident once you try the GaffGun, you won’t either.

We designed the GaffGun to do three things: save time, save money, and save your back. Join us in finding a simpler way to work.