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Can the GaffGun™ work without cables or rope?

Yes! The GaffGun's™ optional FloorGuide allows for the effortless application of double-sided carpet tape, dance floor tape, spike tape, caution tape, etc. Using the FloorGuide, tape sticks directly to the ground—and the possibilities are endless.

Do I have to use GaffGun™ tape?

How many cables will the GaffGun™ accept?

On what surfaces can the GaffGun™ be used?

Is the GaffGun™ durable?

Do I have to go back after my tape run and press tape to the floor?

Where is my order?

How can I use my GaffGun™ warranty?

What should I do if I lost my registration card or product manual?

Can you send me a demo/sample to try out?

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