About the GaffGun

Can the GaffGun work without cables or rope?

Yes! The GaffGun's optional FloorGuide allows for the effortless application of double-sided carpet tape, dance floor tape, spike tape, caution tape, etc. Using the FloorGuide, tape sticks directly to the ground—and the possibilities are endless. 

Do I have to use GaffGun tape?

You don't have to—but we think you'll find tape wound on the orange plastic GaffGun™ core outperforms standard core tape. That's because the GaffGun’s patent-pending CoreLok™ technology guarantees the tape is locked onto the hub of the device and always centered. That means as the GaffGun's funnel is centering your cables, CoreLok™ ensures your tape stays in place too. Cables end up directly in the middle of a width of tape, allowing for the fit of more cables underneath a single strip of tape.

Using tape on a core that employs the locking mechanism also allows you to utilize the GaffGun’s tensioning system, making tape application smooth and stable. Tape put onto GaffGun™ cores is wound with the GaffGun™ in mind, with a lower pull-off tension that allows the GaffGun to move in a fluid motion with minimal effort. Every detail is designed to make your most difficult jobs a little easier. 

If your preferred type of tape is not yet available with the CoreLok technology, we offer an adapter which will allow the use of tape with a standard 3” diameter core—but using the adapters does bypass the advantages CoreLok™ tape offers

How many cables will the GaffGun accept?

Due to differences in shielding and gauge, no two cables are exactly alike. That means there's no definite rule about how many cables can consistently fit within the GaffGun's funnel. But, we do have some guides available indicating combinations we know to work:

  • Small CableGuide: 1-2 XLR cables; 10/16" wide funnel opening; 0.7" funnel ground clearance 
  • Medium CableGuide: 3-4 XLR cables; 1-1/8" wide funnel opening; 0.7" funnel ground clearance 
  • Large CableGuide: 5-6 XLR cables; 1-3/8" wide funnel opening; 0.7" funnel ground clearance
Why aren't my cables staying in the funnel?

It sounds like you might be "popping a wheelie." (That's what we call it when the front of the device is being lifted off the ground.) If your handle is extended too far, you may have a tendency to push downinstead of forwardon the device.

We've upgraded the GaffGun's handle to rotate freely, and we now offer a free retrofit kit for earlier GaffGuns that had a fixed handle. If you'd like us to mail you a retrofit kit, email us at support@gaffgun.com!

On what surfaces can the GaffGun be used?

The GaffGun works on most surfaces where its wheels are able to roll. To ensure cables within the funnel of the GaffGun, a relatively low ground clearance must be maintained. Because of this, the GaffGun may scrape on uneven surfaces like exposed aggregate.

Is the GaffGun durable?

The GaffGun is designed to be an industrial tool; each device is hand-assembled in our Seattle-area warehouse using heavy-duty materials, and built to last. In fact, the body of the GaffGun is made of the same material used for pulleys on deep sea fishing ships. (That means it's really tough!)

Do I have to go back after my tape run and press tape to the floor?

The GaffGun was weighted with your tape in mind, and designed to apply even pressure to the floor in order to save you from having to go back and adhere tape after your run is complete. However, the quality of tape being used, floor surface, floor cleanliness, and other factors can all play a part in the performance of the tape adhesion. Please: Always double-check your tape runs and ensure they are safe and secure.


Where is my order?

Most orders placed through our website ship within 1-2 days. (When a specific item is backordered, we'll do our best to let you know on that item's page.)

If you created an account when you placed your order, you can sign in to check your order's status. If you did not receive your confirmation email, first check your spam or junk folders (sometimes they can snag important messages!) If you still can't find your order, get in touch with us—we're here to help!

How can I use my GaffGun warranty?

First make sure your device is registered (if it isn't, we'll ask you to complete this step before we can process any claims). If your GaffGun's serial number is registered, get in touch with us here so we can help.

What should I do if I lost my registration card or product manual?

No problem! Visit the Quick Start page to download a copy of the product manual and watch videos showing our favorite tips and tricks. If you still need to register your GaffGun for warranty, the serial number can be found on the interior rear wall of your GaffGun, and your information can be registered here.


Can you send me a demo/sample to try out?

Sorry! We currently don't have any plans to initiate a demo program. But that doesn't mean you can't try out the GaffGun for yourself! Follow us on social media and our blog for info on upcoming events and trade shows where the GaffGun will be available for demonstration.

Can I become a dealer/distributor?

Thanks for your interest in working with us! Visit this page on our website for information on selling GaffTech products.

I’d like to promote this on my blog/magazine/podcast.

Thanks! We're so glad you're excited about the GaffGun. We’re not pursuing any pay-for-placement affiliate reviews, but if you would like more information about publishing an uncompensated review of the GaffGun, or to request an interview, please email press@gaffgun.com.