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 “The GaffGun™ is a stupid simple invention that lays down gaffer tape in slick fashion and record time. It looks kind of like a line striper, but instead of spraying paint onto turf, it encases cords in gaffer tape. In a race, the GaffGun™ blows the old fashioned taping method away … Now if only more innovative leaps could be that big.”Gizmodo

“Can we have one for Christmas?”RightThisMinute

“Gaffer tape is cheap and often used as a cheap DIY solution to more expensive fixes, but the GaffGun comes in at about $200 which, to some critics, makes it a conflict of interest. But I don’t think those that laugh have thought it through, and here’s why. Any photo equipment is expensive. Most of our gear deals in the hundreds and thousands, and then when it comes to video studios, it’s generally the latter – never mind liability insurance, etc. So spending $200 on something that will save time, generally save you a headache, and likely a backache, as well as provide a neater workspace less likely to trip and injure anyone who steps inside, well, to me, seems like a bargain.”Kishore Saawh, via Weeder

“And this is what the GaffGun is here to solve. The GaffGun is somewhat of a packaging tape dispenser on steroids. You drop a Gaffer roll in the thing and simply roll it on the floor. It has rails to guide the cables and securely gaff them to the floor. This means that it is almost trivial to run cables in a straight line.”DIY Photography

“GaffGun simplifies the process by giving you a device that you simply load up with the gaffer tape, set up over a small section of organized wires, and effortlessly glide across the floor securing everything as you go.”PetaPixel

“Anyone who has ever spent time on their hands and knees with a roll of gaff tape taping cables down knows that this is no easy task. It's time consuming, frustrating, and hard on your body (if you do it enough). However, this product by GaffTech aims at solving all of these problems with the GaffGun, which straightens cables while laying tape over them. Oh! And you can stand while you do it.”No Film School

“Gaffer tape is possibly one of the best friend of most photographers, videographers and sound people. If you have a wire or wires going from one place to another you will like to make sure that people won’t trip on the and fall or disconnect them and break your gear – to solve this a new device called the GaffGun was created.”Lens Vid

"While it sounds too good to be true, the reality is that the Gaffgun really works and can be useful on a semi-pro or professional set.”MotionVFX

“The pain here involves getting the cables together, straightening them and eventually trying to secure them to floor by taping them down. Theoretically, it is a simple task. Practically, it is a daunting and time consuming chore. This is where an ingenious contraption called GaffGun comes in.”Mike Shouts

“Ordinarily, when taping down something like a power cord or audio cable, you start by squatting down, pulling the cable out straight on the floor, then scuttling along and laying short lengths of gaffer's tape … It's a tedious, time-consuming and uncomfortable job – which is where the GaffGun comes in.”Gizmag

“The GaffGun Looks Like a Studio Photographer's DreamIf you have ever crawled around taping down strobe cords, this thing will blow your mind.” –PopPhoto

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