GT Pro with DryChannel™

GT Pro with DryChannel™

GaffGun™  DryChannel™  tape is sticky where it matters.

Available as an optional feature for GT Pro™ tapes, DryChannel™ tape has a center zone of deadened adhesive that leaves little-to-no residue on cables after tape is removed. 

GT Pro with DryChannel is everything you love about GT Pro™, with the added benefit of clean cables when your job is finished. Tape should stick to flooring, not cables! With DryChannel™ technology, that can be your worksite reality. 

GT Pro™ is a matte cloth tape with a rubber-based adhesive system. Its high-strength, high-performance qualities makes it an excellent all-around tape for use in any application where cables are being secured to a floor.

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Case quantities:
2"-  24 rolls
3"- 16 rolls

Per Roll Pricing:                               Case Pricing:
2"-  $25.00                                         $576  ($24/roll)
3"-  $35.00                                         $544  ($34/roll)

$ 25.00